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Maxam mowers are very robust machines which need minimal maintenance, however there some things which will help their long term reliability.

  • Grease the drive shaft, especially the sliding tubes. If these bind up they put tremendous force on the mower drive head.
  • Check the top nut and side bolted on the main spindle shafts are kept tight. The shaft may flog out in the housing without this simple check.
  • Stop mowing when vibration is felt, or blade clash is heard. Replace the damaged blade and or bolt, as continued vibration can create other problems longer term.
  • Clean the mower down periodically, don’t leave it covered in grass and dung over the winter – corrosion does happen!
  • Let the bearings cool down before washing the mower
  • Keep it in a shed
  • After cleaning thoroughly, coat painted areas with CRC Soft Seal. This is an aerosol product which protects the paint from corrosion.

Fitting belts to MAXAM mowers

MAXAM 3300

Instructions for fitting Vee Belt to RH Rotors

MAXAM 3300

Instructions for fitting Vee Belt to LH Rotors

MAXAM 2500 & 2130

Fitting Instructions for new Vee Belt