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Spare Parts

If you know which parts you require - please email the order to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This is faster and more accurate than phoning in your order - thank you.

maxam 2500IV components diagram 1000x1000

Maxam 3300IV Components Diagram 1000x1000 724x1024

Product Description
MB20LP M20 Linkage Plate Pivot Bolt
WI150V MXL250 Wilter V Groove Idler
WI190 2500 & MXL250 Wilter Reverse Idler
MWSA 2500-type Wilter Spider Assembly
WTP 2500 Mk1-3 Wilter Tension Plate incl. MB2060
WTYB 2500-type Wilter Tyne (Bent)
WTYS 3300 Wilter Tyne (Straight)
M25ISC 2500 Input Shaft
M25LFC 2500 Mk2-4 LH Front Corner
M25RFC 2500 Mk2-4 RH Front Corner
M33LPG 3300 LH Rear Plastic Guard
M33RPG 3300 RH Rear Plastic Guard
M33STP 3300 Spring Tension Plate
M33TB 3300 Toolbox
M33TS 3300 Topping Skirt
MDB33E Maxam 3300 Economy Drive Belt
MDB21 Maxam 2130 Drive Belt
MDB25 Maxam 2500 Drive Belt
MDB33C Maxam 3300 HD Drive Belt (Chipper)
MDC6 Std 2500 & 3300 Driveshaft
MDC6/21 3300 21-Spline Driveshaft
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