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3300 Topping Skids

The 3300V has an option of fitting topping skids. These raise the cut height of the mower by 40mm so the stubble length is about 70mm.
These skids clip on beneath the under rotor skids like a slipper and are retained with a bolt.

The topping height of the 3300V when fitted with the M3TS2 topping skids is ideal for mowing ahead of the cows. The residual stubble height is perfect for quick regrowth which raises the quality of the grass. This can be difficult to achieve in wet spring/early summer conditions. They can be easily removed when required to cut grass crops. Also an advantage in stony ground as the blades cut above the rocks. New for 2020 is the bottom plate is now 150mm wide X 8mm thick. Wear area is increased by 60%.

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