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Wilter Spreader

The Wilter is a Patented device which conditions and spreads the grass at the same time as it is mown, leaving a full spread of grass out to dry. The Wilter works much the same way as a rotary tedder rake with the advantage of being part of the mower. The tynes can simply be removed to leave a tidy row.

The Wilter spreader revolutionised pasture management in New Zealand. The even spread of conditioned grass wilted quicker than any other system, even mower conditioners. This quick wilt is ideal for baleage and hay, as essential nutrients are retained. This rapid drying creates high quality forage.

When topping paddocks with a Maxam + Wilter, farmers found that the toppings decomposed quickly, which ensured a thatch did not build up. This thatch is what harbours facial eczema spores, which are the dread of every farmer. Unfortunately this is a common result with normal topping mowers.

The Wilter is an extremely simple device that is 100% effective in all situations. The spring steel tynes lift the crop off the cutting drums and toss it out to dry. The heavier clumps take longer to land than the lighter stems so they land on top. This gives them more exposure to the sun and wind. This allow the crop to wilt at the same rate right through. The tynes are relatively slow speed, for gentle and effective conditioning.

Maxam 3300V cutting and spreading the grass.

There are two Wilters on the 3300V, each with four tynes.

Maxam 2500IV spreading the grass with the Wilter spreader.

The four tynes can be seen working in the photo.

Maxam 3300V Mowing Into Rows.

The Wilter spreader tynes are removed and stored inside the mower toolbox under the cover.

2500 Mowing Grass into Windrows - Wilter tynes are removed

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